Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: Tile Drink Coasters

I have been seeing this cute little project all around on Pinterest. I don't know where it originated, but it's very simple and fun to do! What you need:

Plain tiles from the hardware store
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Craft glue

Gather up your materials. You will need to cut your paper to fit the tile pieces prior to beginning this project. Prep your tiles by spreading a generous amount of Mod Podge all over the surface with your brush. Line up your paper onto the tile and smooth across across the top. Using a credit card or something similar, rub out any bubbles or wrinkles across the paper. Clean up any glue that seeps out with the sponge brush. Allow to dry completely, at least 20-30 minutes. Once glue is dry, spread another generous amount of Mod Podge over the entire surface of the paper/tile. Again allow to dry completely. When surface is totally dry the coasters are ready to use! One final step to keep your tiles from scratching up your table surfaces is to glue felt pieces to the bottom. Simply apply dabs of glue to the under side of the tile and glue down the felt.

Let the glue dry totally and your coasters are ready to use! Using different designs of paper would make these perfect for any season, holiday or occasion! They'd even be great as a gift for someone you love :)

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