Saturday, March 3, 2012

Severe weather report.

Last night a terrible storm ripped through my hometown and surrounding areas in Kentucky. I was driving home from work while the phone calls and texts were pouring in, warning me to stay North. I have to admit it was frightening, and for several minutes (that felt like hours) I was worried that I may be driving directly into my demise. When I pulled off my exit, it was like entering a ghost town. Besides the pouring rain and few other cars, there was little commotion at all. All of the street lights were off and most of the people were hiding in their basements.

I was surprised to find that my home was perfectly intact, my dogs excited as ever to see me, and we even still had power! My husband arrived minutes after me and we spent the next couple hours watching coverage and realizing how incredibly lucky we were.

At least three tornadoes touched down in the tri-state area (SE Indiana, N Kentucky, SW Ohio). The count of lives lost is up to 34 at this point with several others critically injured. We are blessed to not have been hurt and our home suffered no damage, but many others were not so lucky. One of the tornadoes destroyed a neighborhood and nearby streets just a few miles from my own home.

Today, my husband and I ventured out to assess the damage and lend a helping hand however possible. Unfortunately, they aren't allowing us to help just yet but they are taking donations of all sorts at the local city buildings and churches. My heart is broken for those people who lost their homes, their lives, their loved ones, and their pets.

The following photos are not my own but were taken by friends and local news crews.

What is most amazing to me is the overwhelming support that came almost immediately for those in need. Over 1,100 locals have already joined an online group on Facebook that was created within an hour of the news reports of the damage. People are showing up in large masses to donate supplies, clothing, food, and to lend a helping hand. The line of traffic of folks just trying to get in to help was a mile long. It's inspiring to say the least! I am praying for everyone who was affected by the tornadoes last night and for everyone jumping at the chance to help as well.


  1. I'm so glad you and your family are okay. That picture you posted of the tornado is terrifying - I hope that wasn't one of the personal pictures. I'm giving you a hug from NYC.

  2. Ahh thank you so so much! I've been hearing stories from across the country and I know other areas were hit much harder than we were. That picture was taken by a friend and is in fact the actual tornado that struck our area... Scary, huh?!



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