Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cavalcade of Customs.

Today was a nice cold day to spend inside the Duke Energy Convention Center browsing the huge array of cars, trucks, bikes and anything else you can stick a motor on. Hubby and I first thought a good, filling lunch at Dewey's Pizza was in order, but arrived to find it dark and empty with all the chairs turned upside down on the tables. Apparently they aren't open for lunch on Sundays. We then headed over to McAllister's soup and sandwich shop where we found a line so long out the door that you couldn't enter the restaurant. What in the world? Alas, we ended up in McDonald's drive-thru ordering chicken sandwiches and fries to eat on the way.

Despite the cost of parking and admission fees, as well as a decent walk in the cold to get from the garage to the convention center, we really enjoyed ourselves today! There were some really incredible rides and did I mention Deana from Jersey Shore was there?? Here are a few of my favorites from the show...

This car was painted all the way around with a beautiful tribute to our armed forces.

HULK car. Don't make it angry :P

A tractor with wheels so big I could sit inside them.

Every girl's dream car... A pink Corvette! Called "Pink Ice".

Deena signing autographs.

This is what I call a "Scooby-doo Van". A little kid walking by called it a hippie car. Either way, I want one!

I'm not sure what this was but it was one of the prettiest cars there.

Ghost Busters! This car was so long I couldn't fit it all in the picture.

If Cavalcade of Customs comes to a convention center near you, I suggest you go. There is hours worth of stuff to see as well as merchandise vendors, food & drinks and even a live band. And for anyone actually caring to learn a thing or two, there was plenty of other vendors and booths with folks eager to answer your questions. Happy Sunday!

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