Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clothes revolution! I mean resolution.

I've been a shopping fiend lately. I blame this on Chictopia, Pinterest, Polyvore, and the many many fashion blogs I follow, as well as my recent return to work which provides new funds for doing so. I still have to shop on a budget because, let's face it, even being back to work doesn't mean I've stopped living paycheck to paycheck. I've learned to improvise and I find myself "thirfting" a lot and raiding the clearance racks at my favorite stores. And in doing so I've found a lot of little gems! I've also realized that the thought of paying full price for anything anymore makes me shudder and OMG I've become my mother!!

I decided to make a style resolution for the new year, an idea which I got from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. My style resolution is to be more bold with my wardrobe. The truth is that I LOVE colors and patterns and mixing of the two, but I'm just not brave enough to try it. I always find myself saying, "That is cute but I can't pull it off." Well, this year I'm going to try!

I'm starting out slow. My first step was buying a bright red sweater at Old Navy ($6). I decided to pair it with an ON mustard yellow and cream striped tank top ($3), and a pair of fold-over combat boots that I got from Kohl's ($7). The scarf, believe it or not, was purchased at my local grocery store for $3.50! So besides the jeans, this entire outfit was found on clearance and cost right about $20. Not bad, huh?!

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