Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY: Painted thrift store candle holders

I love thrift shopping for project ideas. Buying really inexpensive clothing at the thrift store is great for sewing practice, but sometimes I find other gems like these ceramic lovelies. I'm not entirely sure what they are, but they have little openings in the tops that I thought would be good for taper candles. My taper candles are too wide to fit so I need to go hunt for some thinner ones. In the meantime I'm just using these as decorative pieces with no function!

I used a green paint pen to freehand the designs onto the candle holder thingys and let it dry. There is no need to bake these to set the paint because they will get very light use as a decorative item on the shelf. The great thing is that while drawing, if you mess up before the paint is fully dried you can just use a little water and a paper towel to wipe them clean! And nail polish remover and a q-tip is a life saver after the paint has dried.

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