Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY: Native American inspired tank top.

The tribal theme has become awfully popular these days and I was really beginning to feel behind the times. Since my husband and I are temporarily living off one income, I don't have the money for shopping that I so wish I did. After doing some online window shopping, and finding many many pieces that are now sitting patiently in my cart, I decided to just make my own shirt with stuff I had around the house.

To begin, I dug out the following materials:

A plain tank top (or t-shirt)
Fabric paints
Paint brushes
Poster board or thick paper for a stencil

Click image to enlarge.
First, I sketched my stencil onto the poster board using various triangles and squares, then cut out all the parts that I wanted to be painted, and taped the stencil to the shirt.
Using the fabric paint, I filled in the exposed parts of the shirt through the stencil.
Next, I removed the stencil and free-handed some dots for a final touch.
The last thing I decided was to cut fringe at the bottom. I cut off the hem of the shirt into a half-moon shape with the round part facing down.
I placed a long piece of tape straight across the shirt from one side to the other to indicate my stopping point for the fringe.
Finally, I cut half-inch pieces all the way across the shirt.
Once that was completed, I tugged on each piece of fringe to stretch it slightly and give it that loosely hung look.

NOTE: Make sure you place something stiff as a barrier inside the shirt before painting. This will keep the shirt in place as well as to soak up the excess paint that seeps through the fabric.

<3 And viola!

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