Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY: Wingtip painted canvas sneakers.

My house has become a make-shift studio. A sewing, painting, crafting studio. Last night we had to eat our dinner-- double-decker tacos-- in the living room, on the couch (the horror!) because I've taken over the kitchen table.

Yesterday, to my great joy, I found an idea to revamp a pair of old sneakers! You can find the original tutorial here. It was really really simple, except that I used fabric paint instead of Sharpies like the how-to suggested. So, the most difficult part was letting it dry as I went along.

 I made a super quick How-To of my own that explains how I did my version of these:

I used a variety of brushes in different sizes. For the thin black line I used the smallest brush and dipped it very lightly in the paint. There was some correcting later with white paint after everything had dried. Also, the great thing about the fabric paint is that it gives it a very clean, almost shiny, finish. I would recommend this over the marker if you have the time and materials to do it.

Even my husband came home and said "Cool!" when he saw my new kicks. Now that these are complete, I have a whole slew of ideas for more fun and funky sneaker designs. Too bad I'm out of old sneakers to paint :/



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