Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly recap.

That was one heck of a long, sick week and an incredibly lazy weekend. I'm still recovering from my cold that I just can't seem to kick. I decided to unwind on Friday night with a bit too much wine and subsequently spent most of Saturday moaning and groaning and even getting sick a couple times. Yikes. The rest of the weekend was enjoyed watching movies on the couch with the hubs. We had our own little Mark Wahlberg marathon. If you haven't seen Invincible, you should. We also finally watched The Fighter which has been on our Netflix queue for months. Also a good movie, though I think Christian Bale stole the show with that one.

Somehow on Friday night I smashed my thumb in the car door. My purple throbbing thumb has been a bit of a bother all weekend. It's hideous and painful, but mostly I just don't want to lose my nail!

As sick as I was, I did manage to get up and out of the house on Wednesday. Lately, on Wednesdays, I have been meeting a couple of friends at Starbuck's for a coffee and a chat. Since ours is located right next to Hobby Lobby, I found myself stopping in there to wander around as well. I could spend hours at Hobby Lobby without boredom. I invited my girl friend back to my house after coffee and Hobby Lobby for some tie-dying fun and she happily obliged. I felt like a kid again. We had corndogs and kool-aid for lunch. It was a nice relief from laying on the couch with my hot tea, doped up on cold meds.

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