Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scallop trim nails: How-To.

I painted my nails with this pretty little scalloped edge. It was incredibly easy thanks to this tutorial. All you need is two nail polishes, a clear top coat, and a sewing pin with the little ball on top. And maybe some remover and q-tips for cleanup.

Here is a breakdown of the steps:

1. Paint your nails with the base color you choose. I wanted a more traditional looking French manicure, so I went with a very light pearly pink called Hawaiian Orchid by OPI. Let them dry completely.

2. Grab a scrap of paper and drop a blob of your trim color onto it. I used a basic French tip white for my trim. Dip the ball part of the pin into the polish, and dab one dot onto the tip of your nail. You can start in the middle or start to the side, either way you choose, but continue doing this (placing dots of polish) across the top of the whole nail. I did four dots to each middle nail, three on the pinky because it's smaller, and five on my thumb because it's larger. It might take a little trial and error at first, so have some remover handy just in case.

3. Fill in your gaps with the trim polish. I just took the brush and swept it across the edge of each nail. When it is all dry, add the clear top coat and you're done! If you're like me, you will have made a small mess on your skin around the nails. I used a q-tip and acetone-based polish remover to clean that up, but I also learned a new trick of rubbing Vaseline around your cuticles before painting your nails for easy clean up after.

I realize now that I should have done something more festive for Thanksgiving... But I'm too lazy to redo them plus I really like them!

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