Monday, November 18, 2013

An unabashed teeny bopper post

I had been counting down to this past weekend for quite some time now. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that my 15-year adoration (read: obsession) of Justin Timberlake is still going strong. It all started one summer day when I saw that curly blonde cutie pie pelvic thrusting the air in his baby blue basketball shorts on the Disney channel, and immediately I fell in love. (I probably SHOULD be ashamed to admit that!) My music tastes have changed greatly since then but I will forever hold a special place in my heart for JT and all things NSYNC. In fact, I might just dig out some old photos and put them up for a good laugh! I'll save that for another time, though.
Anywho, I took a small road trip up to Columbus, OH on Saturday with some girl friends for Justin's show. It's been 6 years since his last tour and man was I excited! JT was spectacular, but our seats were a-w-f-u-l. Thankfully I have a pretty decent zoom on my camera and captured a few good shots. Here's two of my favorites:

Now all I can think of is how badly I want to see him again, and actually be able to see him with my own eyes and not through the 20x zoomed lens of my camera! The tour is ironically called the 20/20 Experience.

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