Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY: Handmade Postcards

Isn't it so great to receive mail that isn't junk? Or bills? I love opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope inside, because I know that means something special has come. I can't even remember the last time I received a postcard! It was probably in high school when my bff4l went on vacation with her family, and I'm pretty sure she didn't actually send it out until she got home, but I hung it up on a bulletin board in my room and kept it for YEARS. That's how good it felt to know she had thought of me!
I'm going to start sending out hand written notes to friends & family more often. I thought it would be even more fun if I made them completely on my own! Here are a few that I did today. I hope you like them and enjoy making some of your own.

  •  4 x 6 cardstock
  • black fine tip marker
  • paint, ribbon, stamps, brushes, etc. for decorating

Postcard #1-- "HELLO" Flowers:

Step 1- Using a large round sponge brush, dipped in a paint color of your choice, place one dot for each letter of the word "HELLO" across the front of the 4x6 card.
Step 2- Using a thin paint brush, draw a line from the bottom of each dot to the bottom of the card to make a stem.
Step 3- Using the same thin paint brush, free hand little criss-crossed hash marks across the bottom edge of the card for grass and add leaves to the stems. Don't worry about making them perfect, these are handmade and should look it!
Step 4- Using a dowel rod (or the opposite end of your sponge brush, like I did), dipped in another paint color of choice, paint dots all the way around the larger circles.
Step 5- With a black permanent marker, or black paint and fine paint brush, write your letters in the center of the flowers.
Postcard #2-- Ribbon and Stamp:
Step 1- Use a border stamp and ink pad to place a design in the center of your card. I happened to have this one left over from invitations I made to my friend's bridal shower this summer! You could also free hand a design if you are comfortable with that.
Step 2- Use a hole punch to evenly punch holes all the way around the edge of the card.
Step 3- Starting in one corner, weave a thin ribbon in and out of the holes. Go all the way around the card until you end up where you began.
Step 4- Snip the end of the ribbon, leaving a few inches, and tie the two ends into a bow.
Step 5- Using another fine tip marker (I happened to have stamp pad, ribbon, and marker all in the same pretty aqua blue, but you could use any colors!) write "hello" in the center of your stamped border. Or heck, you could write anything you want here really!
Postcard #3-- Home state outline:
Step 1- If you have a printer available, I recommend going online and finding an outline of your home state and printing it out directly onto your 4x6 card. If not, you can pull up the photo on your computer or tablet, ipad, etc. and hold the card up to it and trace. Or, if you're really great at free hand and know your state shape well, you can just draw it right on there all by yourself.
Step 2- Draw a cute little heart in the approximate place that you live in that state. I used nail polish to paint the heart, but you can use a marker, crayon, colored pencil etc. if you have them!
Step 3- Write your state name inside the state in as fancy letters as you can muster. Again, if you have a printer available, you could definitely print out the words directly onto the cardstock if you choose.
Step 4- Write "Greetings from..." or whatever special way you want to say hello (maybe "howdy!" if you're from Texas??) onto the top of the card.
Finishing up the postcards...
To make these really look like postcards, you'll need to flip the cards over and draw a line down the middle dividing the card in half. The left side is where you write your message, the right side is for the address and stamp. Outline where these go by drawing a square in the top right corner for the stamp and three straight lines for the address, like so:
Now write some sweet little messages and send these off to your friends! They will be happy as a clam to open their mailbox, I promise.

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